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Measurable Results

We provide a wide range of management, scientific, healthcare information management, and technical expertise to clients like you for benefits management expertise. 


An experienced staff, a talented network of consultants, and reliable business partners are ready and capable of assisting and supporting clients through unique challenges, opportunities, and priorities. SST develops creative solutions that collaboratively achieve measurable goals.


SST’s primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 541611.

Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Creating a strategic plan -with attainable goals that staff members and executives can agree upon creates momentum.

Diversity & Inclusion

Validating and empowering employees to be their authentic selves increases production, innovations, and loyalty.

Capacity Development

Identify new partners, resources, and technological systems support growth and advances the organization.

Organizational Change

Change is the lifeblood of all successful organizations backed by processes that align new behaviors for breakthrough.


Holistic identification of 

potential root causes for setbacks and inhibitors to achieving organizational goal and objectives. 

Continuity Support

New leadership is often needed to fill and develop crucial roles until a successor can be named. We provide the talent and develop skills for assignments.  

Training Services

Team Building

Learning to work together for a common goal through team based activities and simulations promote problem-solving and collaboration.

Leadership Development

Leadership succession plans and strategies are necessary to recruit, retain, and cultivate potential managers and executives for growth.

Facilitation & Retreat

By demonstration process for well planned and coordinated retreats organizations achieve strategic objectives for the next 3-5 years.

Change Management

A process that assists middle management in making informed decisions about personnel and the distribution of resources.

Situational awareness helps mangers respond to customers needs with emotional intelligence.  


Vendor Training

New product rollouts need trainers who can respond to vendor 

questions of systems capabilities developed for adult learners. 

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